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LGSWITCH China Switch Potentiometer Manufacturers

We specialized Production&export: thermal protector,power SwitchPotentiometerRHEOSTAT, power sockets, hardware accessories and other products. 

Products widely used: household appliances, medical equipment, auto, Internet equipment, military security applications, stage lighting sound, automated robots, unmanned aerial vehicle, the video processor, 5G equipment, etc

China push switch manufacturer

China <a href= target='_blank'>Potentiometer</a> manufacturer

China tact switch manufacturer

China <a href= target='_blank'>ROCKER SWITCH</a> manufacturers

China <a href= target='_blank'>Sensor</a> manufacturerChina Thermal protector circuit breaker manufacturer


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Contact: Zoe Pan

Phone: +86-188 1909 9735

Tel: +86-769-8628 6778

Add: Dazhou Industrial Zone,Shijie Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,523291 China

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