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How to solve rotary encoder faults

How to solve rotary encoder faults

The rotary encoder has been widely used in many industries, so in the course of the rotary encoder will produce what malfunction? Rise today following seven kinds of Electronic rotary encoder failure analysis and tell you solutions.
1, the encoder itself fault: refers to the encoder itself components fails, it can not lead to the generation and output the correct waveform. In this case the need to replace or repair the internal encoder device.
2, the encoder connection cable fault: This is the highest probability of failure, maintenance often encountered, should be a prime consideration. Usually encoder cable open circuit, short circuit or poor contact, then the need to replace the cable or connector. Special attention should be whether it is due to the cable is not tight, resulting in open welding caused by loose or break, then the need to clamp the cable.
3, the encoder + 5V power drops: is + 5V power supply too low, usually not less than 4.75V, resulting in low power because of a power failure or power transmission cable resistance is too large and cause losses, then the need to overhaul the power or replace the cable.
4, the absolute value of the rotary encoder battery voltage drops: This failure is usually unambiguous warning, then the need to replace the battery, if the reference point position memory loss, must perform reference point return operation.
5, the encoder cable shield is not connected or off: it will introduce interference signals, the waveform instability, affect the accuracy of communication must ensure reliable welding shield and ground.
6, the encoder is mounted loose: this failure will affect the position control accuracy, resulting in movement and stop position offset tolerance, even just a boot that is generating the servo system overload warning, please pay special attention.
7, which makes pollution raster signal amplitude decrease, ethanol must gently with cotton dipped erased oil.
In short, in the course of such a problem, we should first check to see what aspects of the rotary encoder failure to select appropriate programs to address the failure of the rotary encoder.


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