Push Button Switches

  • Metal Push Button Switch
  • Metal Push Button Switch
  • Metal Push Button Switch
  • Metal Push Button Switch
Metal Push Button SwitchMetal Push Button SwitchMetal Push Button SwitchMetal Push Button Switch

Metal Push Button Switch

  • 16MM Metal Button Switch
  • 12MM Metal Button Switch
  • 19MM Metal Button Switch
  • Waterproof Metal Switch
  • Product description: PBS series metal push button switch has 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm and 22 mm, 25 mm, etc. Types of the luminous ring luminescence, power symbol, dot emitters, internal resistance, light color, can according
Model Description
Model NO. PBS Switch.com/en/product/PS19-Waterproof-Metal-Push-Button-Switches.html target='_blank'>Metal Push Button Switch
Mounting diameter 12,16,19,22,25mm etc
Head shape Plat Head/High Head
Switch Combination NO,NC
Operation type Momentary/self locking
Illuminating type Annular,power symbol,dot
Illuminating color red,green,blue,yellow,orange,white,purple,pink
Lamp voltage 2V/3V/6V/12V/24V/36V/110V/220V/250V
Shell material Stainless steel,aluminum oxide,copper plating


They are widely used in TV, VCD, juicer, heater, consumer electronics,  household appliances, electric force, telecommunications, machine tool, vessel, textile, printing, Mining machine, Mustic Instrument, etc.

The Others Parameters
Project Parameter Project Parameter
Contact type Slow moving single contact Operation Schedule Connected:1.5mm,Total:3.5mm
Contact Resistance ≤50mΩ Actuating Force about 8N
Insulation  Resistance ≥1000mΩ Mounting panel thickness ≤13mm. customised the others
Dielectric Strength 1000VAC min Nut torque 5~14N.m
Ambient  Temperature -30ºC~+80ºC

Outshell/Press Key

Stainless Steel/aluminum oxide/copper plate

Protection Levels IK10 Diffuser PC
Electrical Life

Rated:2A250VAC-      100,000 times

Rated:5A250VAC-50,000    times

Rated:8A250VAC-20,000  times

Reated:10A250VAC-  20,000 times


Base Seat/

Bottom Seat

Nickel brass


Mechanical Life

Maintained-200,000 times

Self-locking-800,000    times

Pins                      Contact


H65 Silver Plated

Waterproof IP65 Spring Improved steel wire
Switch Rated Load


Reated Insulation Voltage AC250V
Fusing Current 15A
Rated Voltage DC12V DC24V AC110V AC250V
Rated Current Nonreactive Load 10 10 10 10
Inductive Load 3 3 3 3

Led Lamp Parameters
Project Parameter
Led type High Brightness LED lamp,cool
Luminous color Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Orange,White,Purple,Pink
Rated Voltage AC/DC3~8V,AC/DC9~24V,AC/DC 25~48V,AC110V,AC220V
Rated Current ≤20mA
Reference Life 40,000hours
19mm <a href=https://lgswitch.com/en/product/PS19-Waterproof-Metal-Push-Button-Switches.html target='_blank'>Metal Push Button Switch</a>es12mm <a href=https://lgswitch.com/en/product/PS19-Waterproof-Metal-Push-Button-Switches.html target='_blank'>Metal Push Button Switch</a>es16mm <a href=https://lgswitch.com/en/product/PS19-Waterproof-Metal-Push-Button-Switches.html target='_blank'>Metal Push Button Switch</a>es22mm Metal Push Button Switcheswww.lgswitch.com
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