Rotary Switches

  • SR16 Rotary Switch
  • SR16 Rotary Switch
SR16 Rotary SwitchSR16 Rotary Switch

SR16 Rotary Switch

  • SR16 Rotary Switch
  • DP3T Rotary Switch
  • SP4T Rotary Switch
  • SP6T Rotary Switch
  • Product description: The SR16 series rotary switches available in 1 pole and 2 pole with 3~ 8 position, and we offer more rotary switches for PCB or panel-mount applications. Miniature and subminiature designs save space

1.Mechanical characteristics

Teminal strength :5N for 1 Min
Ratating forque :0.5N ~ 1N
Withstand vibration properly :10~55~10Hz/swing1.5mm,x,y,z direction 2 hours
2.Electrical characteristics
Rated Power :DC 60V 0.3A Max.
Poles :1 or 2
Sections:2 .
Contact resistance between terminals :50MΩ Max
Insulation resistance :500MΩ Min at DC 500V
Dielectric strength :1 minute at AC 500V
3.Endurance characteristics
Rotational Life: 10,000±200cycles
Storage Temperature Range :
-30C ~ +85C
Operaating Temperature Range -20C ~ +80C
Soldering Heat Characteristic:Dipping in solder: 230C±5C or less,within 3S
Solder by hand: 360C±5C or less,within 3S
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